From the birth of this company, we have spent our days fully committed to providing excellent disposal and recycling services for Arizona homes and offices, in and around Tucson.

Our focus has always been to provide personalized solutions for garbage collection and waste removal needs. Since our rental dumpsters undergo constant inspection and are only made of quality materials, we assure all our clients that they are getting what they are paying for, and more.

Our dumpster rental and waste disposal services have the capacity and state of the art technology to handle all our clients’ needs. We offer a wide array of services ranging from dumpster rentals to full waste removal. The difference between the two is in the first case, we simply rent out our dumpsters and collect your waste. We do not supply any cleaning services for this.

As for our waste collection services, we send out some of our employees, depending on the scale of the cleanup, to ensure that no trash is left behind. This means our employees can clean up your driveway and sidewalk to guarantee that you do not get any fines for the clutter.

To get to know us a little bit more, here are some of the facts you might be interested in.

We think green!

Our company strongly believes in managing the footprint we leave on the environment. This is why we have been working with the local government on cleanup drives all around Tucson, AZ, on many occasions.

We offer dumpster containers!

Our customers tell us the size of the container they want. If they are still unsure of it, we ask more details more to get a close estimation of the needed dumpster size for their projects.

Residential cleanups usually have a standard size. But for industrial and commercial cleanups, we send one of our staff member to the location so as to ensure that the waste disposal dumpster we provide is of the right size.

Our quotes can be flexible!

Our company does not stick to a single price list. As many homeowners and businesses seek slightly different services and dumpster rentals or custom solutions, we take the liberty to adjust our prices accordingly. Give us a call at 520-447-1344 or reach us via the contact form to inquire further about this.

We have a billing and a payment system!

Just as any other dumpster rental company, we usually send the bill monthly. However, we also offer packages that need to be paid upfront. If you need our services but cannot afford the asked price, do not hesitate to request a flexible payment plan.

Our dumpsters are perfectly designed to cater to the needs of construction, demolition, residential, and industrial disposals. They are regularly cleaned and well-maintained, making it simple for our customers to load their waste material without any problems. Let us know if you prefer to segregate your trash. It would be our pleasure to work with an environmentally conscious client.

We pride ourselves of providing our customers and clients the best disposal services in Tucson, AZ. We also offer a full-service scrap yard and we also purchase recyclable items. Therefore, it is in our best interest to work with multiple non-profit organizations to help raise awareness on recycling.

While we desire to grow the business on a multi-state scale someday, we prefer to keep our business manageable and close to home for now.

Our vision revolves around the idea that we want to grow our business based on the relationships we make with our customers here in Tucson. If it takes us to the next level, then expanding to other states would be an opportunity we will be very happy to grab, but not yet.